About Us

Born out of a love for baking, and a need for better gluten-free products.

We are a husband and wife team who are working together to change the face of gluten-free baking. After being diagnosed with Celiac disease in his early 20s, Evan struggled for years to find gluten-free bread that tasted like the bread he had eaten his whole life.

Over time, the idea to fill that void began to sprout in our heads. For more than 3 years, we developed homemade recipes to create the best tasting and highest quality gluten-free baked goods.

Today, we run Dishon Bakery, a family-owned exclusively gluten-free bakery, focusing on bread and bagels. We work and live in Manchester, NH where our breads are baked with love.

We are proud to share and offer our baked goods to those looking to rediscover the taste of artisan-style bread.


Salomé & Evan